About Us

The Mission

Lithium Designers GmbH is a group of Architects, Engineers, and Researchers, who are dedicated to developing construction solutions for classic and complex buildings, in respect of the latest building regulations and state of the art technologies.
Lithium Designers GmbH offers architects and engineers the highest level of expertise, concerning new building products and their certification, to support customers achieve their visions.

The Team

Who we actually are?

Dr.-Ing. Alamir Mohsen

Chief Architect, Facade specialist, Founder & CEO

Ahmed Usama B.Arch

Co-Founder, COO & Construction Manager

Dr.-Ing. Michael Drass

Structural Engineer & Facade Engineer

Maja Lovcevic

Back office Manager & Executive Assistant

Mahan Mashayekh M.Eng.

Computational Designer, Programmer & Software developer

Alejandro Cabello Carretero M.Eng.

Project Manager, Facade Specialist, Technical Architect

Lorenz Riedel M.Sc.

Structural Engineer & Facade Engineer

Markus Welzel M.Sc.


Amr Mousa M.Sc.

Graphic Designer, Visual Artist

Luis Linaje B.Arch.

Senior 3D Artist

Adem Korkmaz M.Sc.

Material and Industrial Engineer


Digital Architecture and Parametric Planning

Design support.
Parametric design.
Digital Fabrication.

Façade Design and Engineering

Façade design and engineering.
Building physics analysis.
Thermal optimization.
Technology transfer.

3D Printing, Custom System Design, and Artwork

3D printing / Additive Manufacturing.
Custom Façade-System design and Artwork.

Classic Architectural Planning

Architectural planning.
Support through all building phases.