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    We seek challenges
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Announcement | Partnership with H+B Hightech

We are proud and glad to announce our partnership with H+B Hightech GmbH, the subsidiary company under Heine + Beisswenger Group. With their expertise in autonomous manufacturing processes, H+B Hightech… Announcement | Partnership with H+B Hightech

3DKonzeptLabs 2020

We’re part of this year’s “3DKonzeptLabs” event and we will present our story about the development of “N-AM”, what barriers we encountered on the way and how we want to… 3DKonzeptLabs 2020

Meet the team

May we introduce our new team members! Welcome to Lithium Designers, we are looking forward to our bright future. 

Live webinar

Next Tuesday, June 30, 2020, Dr.-Ing. Alamir Mohsen will hold a live technical webinar at bauinformation.com together with Hilmar Wanner from H+B Hightech GmbH, our manufacturing partner. The implementation of… Live webinar

3D Pioneers Challenge

We are one of the finalists of the 3D Pioneers Challenge of the international design competition for additive manufacturing technologies. The digital award ceremony will be broadcasted online on 15 July… 3D Pioneers Challenge


Springer Publishing had announced the launching of Design to Manufacturing of Complex Building Envelopes “Single Layer Envelopes: Mullion-Transom Systems + 3D Printed Metal Nodes” book by Alamir Mohsen. The book… Announcement

ANSYS Startup Program

We just matched the Eligibility Criteria for ANSYS Startup program. The program is intended for startup companies with new ideas. We are excited to use the software to keep developing… ANSYS Startup Program

SolidWorks for Entrepreneurs

After an intensive applying phase, we have been awarded the SolidWorks for Entrepreneurs program. The program offers us open access to different SolidWorks software applications and direct supervision from the… SolidWorks for Entrepreneurs

Dissertation defence and christmas party

Our founder, Alamir Mohsen, celebrated the successful defense of his dissertation, which took place at the Technical University Darmstadt on December 19, 2019. After several years of intensive research, he… Dissertation defence and christmas party

Cairo Design Award

We are Gold and Bronze winners of the 2019 Cairo Design Award. We won the golden trophy with topology optimized, spinal and posture correction structure called VS3D. It is a… Cairo Design Award

The release of N-AM_Li3 at Formnext 2019

At Formnext 2019, the world-leading exhibition and conference dedicated to additive manufacturing and all of its upstream and downstream processes in Frankfurt with RENISHAW, we presented the parametric node N-AM_Li3.… The release of N-AM_Li3 at Formnext 2019

Interview by Technical University Darmstadt

Recently we had the journalist Astrid Ludwig, commissioned by the Technical University of Darmstadt, as a guest in our office. We gave her insights into the development and special features… Interview by Technical University Darmstadt

Visit to the Federal Chancellery, Germany

In the course of our award for the cultural and creative pilots 2019, we got the chance to visit the Federal Chancellery of Germany (Bundeskanzleramt) and exchange ideas with the… Visit to the Federal Chancellery, Germany

Award Kultur- und Kreativpiloten 2019

On the 12th of November 2019, we besides another 31 companies, were awarded the title “Culture and Creative Pilots 2019” by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy in Germany.… Award Kultur- und Kreativpiloten 2019