UPDATE | HivE: 138 3D-printed Façade Nodes

After intensive planning, certification, and developing process, we are proud to present to you HivE.

138 unique 3D printed topology optimized façade nodes “N-AM_Li3“. The nodes are parametrically generated with the help of our intern developed software “Li3M“. The software utilizes the Li3-Method, developed by our CEO, Dr.-Ing. Alamir Mohsen, and it presents a fully automated and scalable planning process for complex building envelopes that are meant to be built using a standard Mullion-Transom façade system combined with a 3D printed Façade node “N-AM_Li3“. The 3D printed façade nodes will be manufactured by our partner H+B Hightech GmbH.

HivE completion is planned for early 2021.
HivE is the first project in Germany and worldwide that contains unique 3D printed façade nodes.


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