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Lithium Designers Featured by German Center for Research and Innovation New York, Celebrating 5th Year Anniversary!

We’re thrilled to announce that Lithium Designers, the groundbreaking German startup specializing in architectural and facade planning services, has been featured by the renowned German Center for Research and Innovation in New York. This recognition coincides with our joyous celebration of our 5th year anniversary!

Founded by Dr. Alamir Mohsen, Lithium Designers has revolutionized architectural planning, bridging the gap between engineers and architects, and introducing a new era of architectural designs. Our commitment to innovation, cutting-edge technologies, and a passion for excellence has brought us to this momentous milestone.

Discover more about our journey, services, and the interview with Dr. Alamir Mohsen by visiting This Link. Join us in celebrating this achievement and explore the limitless possibilities of architectural and facade planning with Lithium Designers!

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